Lead Free Directory

A listing of series with Lead Free models available.

Series Description
1001Male Connectors
1010Female Connectors
1014RReducing Stem
1015Union Connectors
1015RReducing Union Connectors
1017Union Elbows
1017RReducing Union Elbows
1018Stackable Elbows
1019Male Elbows
1023Union Tees
1024RReducing Tees
1027Male Stems
1039Stop Valves
1045End Stops
1053Female Angle Valves
1062Male Stop Valves
1110, 1607, 2609Female Swivel Connectors
1114Reducing Stems
1115, 1116Reducing Unions
1115, 1615Union Connectors
1117, 1617Union Elbows
1118, 1618Stackable Elbows
1119Male Elbows
1120Female Swivel Elbows
1121Drop Ear Elbows
1123, 1623Union Tees
1124, 1624Reducing Tees
1125Female Swivel Tees
1133Stackable Tees
1140Union Check Valves
1145, 1645End Stops
1146, 1646End Plugs
1168Flange Mount Elbows
1182Divider Plug
1183Dual Union Body
1184Dual Stem Body
1185Return End
1188Valve Repair Kit
1189Single Union Body
1190Single Stem Body - Right
1191Single Stem Body - Left
1413, 2413, 2913Hose Barb Connectors
159O-Ring Assemblies for 24 Series
159O-Ring Assemblies
161Cone Seals
1614Reducing Stems
2401Male Connectors
2402, 2601, 2604, 2902Male Thread Connectors
2410Female Swivel Connectors
2414Reducing Stems
2415Union Connectors
2416Reducing Union
2417Union Elbows
2418Stackable Elbows
2419Male Elbows
2420Female Swivel Elbows
2423Union Tees
2433Stackable Tees
2439Reducing Valves
2439, 2939Stop Valves
2440, 2443Stackable Valves
2444, 3550Tee Valves
2445End Stops
2475Union Pump Connectors
2476Elbow Pump Connectors
3501Male Thread Connectors
3510Female Connectors
3511Stackable Hose Barb Unions
3512Stackable Hose Barb Elbows
3513Hose Barb Fittings
3514Reducing Stems
3515Union Connectors
35159O-Ring Assemblies for 35 Series
3515RReducing Unions
3517Union Elbows
3518Stackable Elbows
3519Male Thread Elbows
3520Female Swivel Elbows
3521Drop Ear Elbows
3523Union Tees
3524RReducing Branch Tees
3526Reducing Run Tees
3527Male Stems
3528Female Stems
3530Male Thread Tees
3533Stackable Tees
3533RReducing Branch Stackable Tees
3534Stackable Branch Tees
3538Type 38 Selector Valves
3539Type 39 In-Line Valves
3539RType 39 Reducing Valves
3540Type 40 Union Check Valves
3541Type 41 By-Pass Valves
3543Type 43 Stackable Valves
3543RType 43 Reducing Stackable Valves
3545End Stops
3546End Plugs
3550Type 50 Female Tee Valves
3551Type 51 Male Tee Valves
3552Type 52 Female In-Line Valves
3553Type 53 Female Angle Valves
3554Type 54 Female Angle Valves
3555Type 55 In-Line Valves
3556Type 56 Angle Valves
3557Type 57 Male Angle Valves
3558Type 58 Angle Valves
3559Type 59 Panel Mount Valves
3560Tube Support Liners
3561Type 61 Adapter Stop Valves
3575Union Pump Fittings
3576Elbow Pump Fittings
3582Divider Plug
3583Dual Union Body
3584Dual Stem Body
3588Valve Repair Kit
3589Single Union Body
3590Single Stem Body, Right
3591Single Stem Body, Left
50256Poly Tubing
Blue Coils
Blue Coils
Blue Straight Lengths
Blue Straight Lengths
Green Coils
Red Coils
Red Coils
Red Straight Lenghts
Red Straight Lengths
White Coils
White Coils
White Straight Lengths
White Straight Lengths

*The wetted surface of our Lead Free products contacted by consumable water contain less than one quarter of one percent (0.25%) of lead by weight.